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The Success That Roberto Santiago Enjoys

Roberto Santiago is a businessman who is based out of Brazil and he knows what he is doing. He considers himself an entrepreneur and he is always looking for the next best opportunity to make more money. Whether he is working as the owner at one of the largest malls in Brazil, blogging about his country or preparing for the next big thing, he always makes sure that he is learning and doing. The best thing, to Santiago, is to make money and help people out. He wants other people to learn, to have the same opportunities as him and to enjoy his country as much as what he does. All of these efforts are simple for Roberto Santiago because he is good at what he does and he always makes sure that he is doing what he can to make things better in the country that he is in.

Because of the way that Roberto Santiago works to go where the money is, he has held onto the mall that he originally opened in 1989. It was making a lot of money during that time and still continues to make the same amount of money today – if not more. He has been able to see the changes through the economy in Brazil and this has allowed him to adjust the mall so that it can adapt to the different things that are going on. One of the biggest and best things about the Manaira mall is the entertainment center right inside of the mall.

While the mall as successful, there are also things that people are able to do besides their main job. Roberto Santiago knows this and took advantage of it. With the onslaught of technology, he worked to make things work for himself and started a blog. On the blog, he shares some of the insider tips for visiting Brazil and what people can expect when they come to his country. He wants everyone to have a chance to experience the beauty and the entertainment that comes along with Brazil. While he is doing different things, he is always sure to share his insider secrets with other people. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

There is nothing that Roberto Santiago can’t do. He works hard to make money, to make opportunities for others and to create options that people may not have had in the past. Because of the way that he works and the things that he is able to do, he always does what he can to teach people. Whether he is blogging or running a mall, he is always careful to ensure that other people will know what to do and what they will be able to learn from the different options. Read more articles on

Oncotarget’s Success In Publishing Different Fields Beyond Oncology

Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary traditional journal having free access. The weekly issue publishes papers online. The word “oncology” entails all cellular functions present in cancer and aging, lymphocytes and neurons, microbes and cancer cells. The rising popularity of Oncotarget is informed by its insightful, constructive, punctual and multiple peer-review that helps the authors to increase the impact of their research. Since 2013, four authors that publish their articles through Oncotarget, Bert Vogelstein, Michael N. Hall, Alexander Varshavsky, Stephen J. Elledge, won the Breakthrough Prize. View Mikhail’s profile in LinkedIn

Oncotarget’s mission is to make scientific results to be widely available and accessible. In addition, the journal maximizes the impact of research through insightful reviews that enhances the sharing of different discoveries quickly. The management of the journal is seeking to eliminate the boundaries between various specialties. They are also aiming to publish various topics in biomedical science. Most articles have been discussing about the use of clinical science to treat different ailments. Through the leadership of the prominent scientists, the journal has been able to help different researchers to make positive contributions in their respective fields of specialization. Most researchers seek to develop different therapies that can be used to cure different diseases. The success of Oncotarget has resulted in the publication of different topics beyond oncology

Oncotarget was established in 2010. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov are the editors-in-chief of the revered journal. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned scientist who researches on cancer and aging. He was a professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York. Blagosklonny earned both his M.D in internal medicine and PhD in experimental medicine and cardiology from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. Blagosklonny’s research zeroes in on cancer and targeted cancer therapies that protect normal cells from damage, as well as the underlying mechanisms of aging and anti-aging drugs.

Oncotarget applies the Creative Commons Attribution License to all the works that they publish. Under the CC BY, authors retain ownership of the copyright for their articles. However, they allow anyone to download, reuse, reprint, modify, distribute and copy articles, provided the original authors and sources of information are cited appropriately. Visit ResearchGate.Net to learn more about Mikhail’s latest work.

InnovaCare, One of the Top Healthcare Providers in North America

Since its inception, InnovaCare has established itself as one of the premier healthcare providers in North America. With its affordable healthcare options and excellent medical services, InnovaCare has managed to redefine healthcare and the medical sector. The company believes that it should be able to provide its customers with the best possible aid in their time of need. For this purpose, it offers its customers an easy way to register with them to avail of the numerous benefits and healthcare facilities that InnovaCare has. People tend to slack off on getting their timely health check-ups, not to mention the added costs associated with them. By implementing the plans for healthcare that they have, InnovaCare has helped millions of people receive the right and timely medical care and checkups that they need to keep living a healthy life.

People can go onto InnovaCare’s website and look at the list of plans that they have there to see which one suit them best. InnovaCare has a range of healthcare plans to give their users various options based on their preferences. Some people may require a lot of medical attention, while some may just be looking for a small budget coverage to remain prepared in the face of adversary. Whatever the need of their customers, InnovaCare tries its best to fulfill them.

One of the main reasons why InnovaCare Health has managed to achieve this level of success and bring about changes in the medical industry is owing to the spectacular leadership that the company has. The current CEO of the company is Dr. Rick Shinto, who is also a practicing pulmonologist. Being a doctor, he was able to lead the company better, to make it the medical institution it is today. He was able to gauge the needs of InnovaCare’s patients and was the primary person behind the formulation of the membership plans that InnovaCare has in store for its patients.

Penelope Kokkinides is also one member who makes up the excellent leadership at InnovaCare. She currently serves the company as their chief operations officer and assists Dr. Shinto with all the managerial tasks of the business. Just like Dr. Rick Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides also has had a tremendous amount of experience working in with medical institutions. Combining their organizational skills and love for helping and curing people, they have led InnovaCare in a direction that is favorable for its growth and development. Read this article at

Philanthropist George Soros Wants To Help Rebuild the Democratic Party

When Hillary Clinton lost the election, several major Democratic donors felt a pain in their deep pockets. Clinton supporters like George Soros came away from the election stunned, and they immediately started to regroup. Soros and his Democratic Donor Alliance set up a January 2017 meeting in Washington to discuss the future of the Democratic Party. The wealthy group of donors, politicians and high-profile supporters want to keep Donald Trump in check over the next four years. Soros is one of the people that is willing to invest in a new Democratic Party. A Democratic Party that is more in sync with the people and less motivated by political action groups. Soros plays a role in several political action groups by financially supporting them, but his goal is to make Trump do the right thing for the people of the United States. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

There are people who say Soros is not healthy for the country. But when people do a little research, they see the work Soros has accomplished in promoting human rights and freedom through his Open Society Foundation is not short of outstanding. Mr. Soros supports more than 70 organizations around the world, and all of those organizations help stop government oppression. Soros has a philanthropic history that no one can ignore once they become aware of it. Anyone who thinks Soros is trying to manipulate governments for his own gain is mistaken. Soros is one of the wealthiest people in the world. According to Forbes, his personal worth is $25 billion. And the Soros Management Fund has $32 billion in assets under management. Know more on about George Soros

Soros is approaching his 87th year. His investment track record is legendary, but Soros is more than “the man who broke the Bank of England.” Soros earned that title when he bet the British government would depreciate the pound against the U.S. dollar and the euro in 1992. That financial move is just one move in a history of winning bets in his hedge fund career.

George Soros is an example of what can be done when the power of believing in the self is activated. After escaping Nazi domination when he was a teenager, George enrolled in the London School of Economics. He earned a degree in philosophy, and he went to work for an investment firm in Monte Carlo. But when he was offered a position on Wall Street, he accepted and moved to New York in the 1950s. In 1969, he started his own hedge fund with $12 million, and that fund was renamed the Quantum Fund.

But the Soros goal now is all about keeping Donald Trump in line over the next four years. Soros knows Trump, and he invested in Trump’s Chicago property. But in terms of political ideology the men are worlds apart.

Lori Senecal – A Beacon in the Global World of Brand Marketing

Last month, Lori Senecal moved into her second full year as the Global Chief Executive Officer for Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, LLC. She continues assembling a stellar reputation as one of the most innovative minds in the brand marketing world. See,

Senecal’s intensity and motivation is certainly one of the key components in CPB chairman Charles Porter’s induction into the AAF Hall of Fame. Senecal herself earned the Quantum Leap honor at the same American Women in New York AWNY Game Changing Awards. Her thirst for knowledge and ability to motivate people has produced numerous honors during her career.

No one in the brand marketing circles thought Senecal’s hire as Global CEO for Crispin, Porter & Bogusky anything remotely coincidental. Her appointment came but a few months after CP + B was awarded a $450 million global account with Infinity. Senecal has a proven history of innovation using pioneering concepts to promote uniquely successful brand marketing platforms.

Much of her success has also involved taking US based operations and expanding them into the international marketplace. As former president of McCann Erickson in New York, Senecal handled the worldwide accounts of many global corporations. She is renowned for taking conventional marketing techniques, and perfecting them to meet special situations. The bottom line throughout her career has been that her solutions work.

Senecal has developed a broad multinational account expertise consistently displaying a thorough knowledge of data analytics. According to Forbes Magazine, she has held prestigious positions as the Worldwide Account Director for Coca-Cola, plus other international corporations like Sprint, Xbox and Nabisco. Her resume of accomplishments is truly remarkable.

She appreciates the need for tenacity, but also uses her unique talents to foster creative ideas in those who work for her. She utilizes the concept that in the marketing world, applying too much heat to a situation can burn up the prospects of success. However, a slow summer heat, used with consistency, can create a pliable marketing plan that meets any objective.

As her career expands, Lori Senecal will be a model for the future of women in the business world. She has used vigilance and hard work to establish herself as one of the most gifted and innovative minds in the industry. Her guiding principles of fairness and innovation are shaping the vision of her clients. The future is bright for Ms. Lori Senecal, a beacon for the future all women in the global world of brand marketing. Follow Lori Senecal on Twitter.

End Citizens United: Radically Fighting for Change

The American Election landscape changed drastically after the Supreme Court ruling of 2010. According to End Citizens United, the decision affected the democratic right of the American people which was a huge problem.

End Citizens United was formed in 2015 to fight for reforms done.

The problem

In 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States made a ruling to overturn the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 clause 203. The Clause indicated that the Corporations and the For-Profit organizations were not allowed to contribute or spend money that was not subjected to the Federal limits. This meant that soft money in the election was banned.

According to the judges of the Supreme Court, clause 203 of the Act was working against the Constitution of the United States. The Freedom of the Speech Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibited the government from restricting independent political expenditure by the Corporations.

The overturning of the Act was done according to the Constitution. However, by changing the rules, the billionaires now had the chance to spend an unlimited amount of money towards the election. The fear of the PAC is that billionaires like the Koch brothers would have the opportunity of buy off the elections.

The solution

End Citizens United mandate is to present a petition that will force the Congress to amend the Constitution and overturn the Supreme Court ruling. Their plan is to raise $25 million towards their agenda. They also hope to collect signatures from the American people.

End Citizens United plan would be carried out in three phases: the first was to support the Democrats and other candidates who identified with their agenda. End Citizen United endorsed 11 Democratic candidates.

The second phase involved recruiting the activists from the Grassroots. This is because they have a lot of followers. The third step was to raise the money issue as a national priority.

The reception

End Citizen United was incorporated in March 2015, and by August the same year, they had raised $2 million. They also had collected over 300,000 signatures.


Even though their plan is noble, the PAC has received a lot of criticism from most of the public officials. According to them, the dream of having the Constitution amended is far-fetched. This is because there has not been any amendment done since 1992. It would, therefore, be a challenge for the Congress to change.

Secondly, Supreme Court is an independent body and can’t be interfered with. Plus, the ruling was done in reference to the Constitution of the United States.

They have been, however, commended for educating people on the Supreme Court ruling and its impact on the American people.

EOS: A Name on Everyone’s Lips

EOS, short for “Evolution of Smooth”, is a lip balm company that gained popularity in 2010 when the circular items began to be used by A-list celebrities. Since then the company has sold more than Chapstick and is the second leading lip balm behind Burt’s Bees. Customers were attracted to the numerous flavor and color options as well as the unique packaging and the fact that Eos is natural and organic. In a decade EOS has become a $250 million company that has sales all around the world. Every week over one million packages of EOS lip balms are sold world-wide. The company is projected to double in the next five years.

EOS was founded by three like-minded men, Sanjiv Mehra, Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller, who all wanted to create an innovative type of lip balm. Tired with other products that prioritized cutting costs over customer enjoyment, the three knew that they could do better. In-depth research and interviews helped them choose the unique circular shape as well as the colors and flavors of the early Eos line. The whole time they kept mind that they wanted a product that was not only enjoyable to use but also beneficiary to the user. Using a small amount of startup capital and their own funds Mehra, Dubitsky and Teller began EOS lip balm with the slogan, “The lip balm that makes you smile.”

Once the first hurdle of creating the company was finished dealing with competitors loomed in the horizon. Large and well established companies like Burt’s Bees and Chapstick dominated the lip balm market and were owned by wealthy companies. It took some time before a woman from Walgreens showed her interest in the product and began selling it in the stores. Not long after EOS was also being sold at Walmart and Target. This was only the beginning. For the company to survive; it needed to expand. Mehra and Teller, who were the two who still remained with EOS, spent their free time visiting engineering trade shows and talking to experts to see if they could build the machines needed to begin making EOS in bulk. With their own production line and some amazing advertisements EOS is now a name on everyone’s lips.

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Changing the Face of Austin- Mike Heilegestein

It has been a custom that most of the discussion held in Austin City only focuses on the issues concerning the city itself. But it took a different turn when the Williamson County Growth Summit had an opportunity to hold a discussion to discuss matters regarding transportation challenges in the city especially the ones affecting people living in the suburbs.

Mike Heilegeistein was among the panel in the debate. Mike is the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director. Others included in the discussion included Joseph Kopser, the founder of RideScout LLC, Leandre Johns, and Jared Ficklin who is a transportation designer.

The event mainly discussed the effects of technology on the Austin region as well as the world. The discussion on transportation was held at Sheraton George Town Texas Hotel & Conference Center. In the debate, Mike mentioned that although technology such as driverless vehicles and ridesharing apps are changing the organization, Austin needed to expand its infrastructure sector by building modernized roads.

Mike told the panel that the building of more modernized roads is then only way Austin will be able to serve its expanding population in the future. The individuals on the board also responded to some of the questions asked, and Ficklin was answering a question raised by one of the members of the council Alan McGraw when he said that more emphasis must be put on the use of land –use codes.

Mike Heilegeistein is a notable personality when it comes to the transport and infrastructure industry. MR. Mike is also very influential in Texas; he is the Executive Director of Central Regional Mobility Authority in Austin.

In 2002 the Regional Mobility Authority was established as an independent government body to primarily deal with the infrastructure design in Texas. The organization began its operation in 2003 when Mike was elected to Chair the company.

Mike Heilegestein has vast experience in the transport sector. He has served the people of Texas for more than 23 years serving as their representative at the Williamson County. Mike’s primary responsibility has been ensuring the expansion of transport infrastructure, water waste, and water.

He is one of the leaders who has been representing his people well in the government and the County. Mike has also held various positions while still serving at the Williamson County including the regional MPO, Austin –San-Antonio Corridor Council and Clean Air Force of Texas as the Chairman. Mr. Heilegestein is also a public speaker who on many occasions is invited to speak on infrastructure and transportation issues.

Mike holds a Master’s Degree in Government and Business Administration from the University of Texas.

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Expert in Merger and Acquisition- Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an International Investment Bank which is based in Chicago. The financial company can be named the finalist in an Annual Award ceremony organized by M&A Advisors. The ceremony which was the 15th one was held at New York Athletic Club on November 6th, 2016. The M&A Advisors Awards is among the most famous and respected awards in the financial industry as well as the United States. Since its foundation, the M&A Advisors have been honoring financial professionals as well as organizations which have been making a continuous effort in the deal making, reconstruction, and other professionals achievements in the financial industry.


Madison Street Capital is one of the financial institutions which were nominated for two categories including Industrial deal of the year, and Boutique Investment Banking of the Year. Madison has also been recognized for its efforts in the merging and the acquisition of Acuna&Asociados S.A by Dowco. Madison Street Capital fully participated in the business which was led by its Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha. Charles Botchway is the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, and he said that his firm is pleased to have done a successful business for their long term customer Acuna&Asociados. He has appreciated their deal makers who have been committed to connecting their clients with the latest companies of their choice. The financial institution feels great to be recognized for their accomplishment in the financial sector.


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking institution with its Headquarters in Chicago. Since its creation, it has been responsible for providing financial services and products including acting as a corporate financial advisory, valuation services, mergers and acquisition, and other financial opinions. The financial institution can well be described as an organization which is committed to outstanding delivery leadership, as well as reliability, and service distribution.


Madison Street Capital values their customer, and they share their success with them. Their vast experience in the financial sector enables them to have a quick respond on opportunities presented to them. Madison Street Capital has staffs that are well experienced and can match their customers with the best business in the case of merging and acquisition. Since Madison came into existence, it has assisted millions of customers to meet potential buyers and sellers of their business. Their expertise has enabled the organization to build Madison Street Capital Reputation. It has been experiencing a tremendous expansion by expanding their products and services to other nations and continents including Asia, Africa, and Northern America.


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