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Southridge Capital Delves into Cryptocurrency Finance

Bitcoin is a digital currency that was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi believed that digital currencies, unlike conventional currencies, could not be altered by any one person or institution. This has seen the value and popularity of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, propel to about $6000 in currency conversion currently despite its few challenges. This is why Southridge Capital has taken an initiative to delve into the digital currency sector. It hopes to provide financial information related to bitcoin to companies that may be interested. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Background information

Southridge Capital Group is a private equity firm that was launched in 1996 by Stephen M Hicks and is based in Ridgefield, Connecticut. It offers brokerage services, securities, and investment banking. Southridge also provides advisory and structured finance for companies in the public sector. Their advisory services include balance sheet optimization, bankruptcy advice, financial analysis, legal settlement advice and services related to merger and acquisition procedures. Also under finance Southridge provides financing solutions, credit-enhancing and securitization. It has invested directly in the expansion of companies all over the world to a tune of about $1.8 billion.

About Stephen M Hicks

Stephen M Hicks is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Southridge Capital. He has been in the investment sector for more than three decades with expertise in risk arbitrage, financial structuring, investment banking and derivatives. He acquired his degree from King’s College, New York in Business Administration and his MBA from Fordham University based in New York. He oversees both business development and execution at Southridge. He came up with the idea of launching the company while he was working at a New York hedge fund. The firm was winding down and rather than seeking employment elsewhere, he chose to start his own firm.

More information

By having financed more than two hundred and fifty companies, Southridge Capital believes it is fully capable to handle the concerns of most developing companies. It has a capable and efficient executive team that deeply understands the marketplace. This is why the company is reaching into cryptocurrency since its popularity and flexibility continues to grow.


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The Success Story Behind Tony Petrello, the CEO of Nabors Industries

Even though he comes from a humble background, Tony Petrello is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the current U.S society. He is not recognized by many, but Tony works for one of the wealthiest industries. Tony is the CEO of Nabors Industries, a leading producer of oil and gas. He is full of determination and hard work and as such, believes in making the best out of business resources. Petrello is also known to be a humble leader who stands out from the crowd, which is evident in how he treats his employees and colleagues with a lot of consideration and respect. That has made Petrello successful in his leadership, which explains why many people are willing to follow in his footsteps.

His humble beginnings

Tony Petrello never started off on a silver plate; he is from a humble background and always believed in working hard to be successful. He grew up in Newark, a region where the people believe in ethics and honor mainly when it involves wealth acquisition. Tony Petrello learned how to read and write at a tender age and mastered several mathematics concepts. He would study hard to bring light to his family. Ivy excelled in his high school and was later recognized by Yale University, which gave him a scholarship. He became a scholar in mathematics and later joined Harvard University where he further pursued his passion for human sciences.

His successful leadership as the CEO of Nabors Industries

Tony is recognized as one of the most successful leaders of his times. He has always given employees what they need to ensure that they remain enthusiastic about their jobs. Tony has fostered innovation and autonomy among his employees even though the company has been performing significantly over the years. He also follows a code of ethics that is based on respect and fairness. Petrello has created several job opportunities and has assisted the energy industry to improve people’s living standards.

Petrello also instills liberal attitude among his employees. Tony Petrello has always believed that helping people is the best way to give back to the society. Together with the employees, Tony Petrello contributed over $173,622 to Nabors Disaster Relief Fund to help the community during disasters. His vision and goals will uplift him.

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Drew Madden Emphasizes the Adoption of Information Technology in the Healthcare System

It is high time we consider our health care system and the essential aspect that it is impacting our daily lives. Currently, it appears we have neglected our duties in airing our opinions about what we think should be done, or what we should do in addressing the healthcare sector in our country. Currently, it appears as if profit-making organizations are highly concerned about how they would join the vibrant market and acquire massive amounts regarding return on investment. CVS and Amazon are competing for this industry because it proves vital to them and they are likely to accrue massive profits due to a large number of people purchasing other the counter drugs.

However, we should ask ourselves why the healthcare industry should take a significant proportion of our money than other vital aspects such as investment in assets or skills. Many individuals in the country are spending much money to seek for proper medical care than they are spending on investment plans such as buying speculative assets or adding skills which will add money in their pockets.

Drew Madden and information technology expert currently working at Evergreen Healthcare partners highlights that we have neglected technology and innovative strategies in our system. According to Drew Madden, we should invest in the various innovative approach that will ensure that we offer our people the best quality services through treatment. Using information technology, treatment methods should be enhanced such that we can easily understand what is ailing you and the best solution available. This is what Evergreen Healthcare Partners are trying to do by developing innovative technologies that will change the healthcare industry.

Another opinion highlighted by Drew Madden is that we should fancy competition between different organizations in the healthcare industry. When different firms are competing for customers in the same industry, they tend to offer quality services and in a professional attitude which at the end of the benefits the sick and other people in need of medical services. Drew highlights that we should accept the emerging competition between Amazon and CVS because it will only work to enhance our industry. The two companies might adopt information technology in an attempt to attract more customers.