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Ezines Are Effective In Advertising Your Online Business?

‘Ezines are the most cost-effective way to advertise your business opportunity.’ I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase many times if you’ve been marketing on the internet for a while. But is that a myth or a fact?
An Internet Marketer once advertised that he could guarantee $1,000 profit for the user within weeks if he used the techniques outlined in his ebook. leolist
And the secret of the ebook – advertise in Ezines using $2,000 and you are guaranteed success unless your product is useless. Well, I didn’t try it at the time because I couldn’t find $2,000 lying about in the house or my bank account. However, it does show the belief people have with Ezines.
There are three types of ads in Ezines:
Classified Ads
These are small ads which you can find at the bottom of newsletters. There is limited space in these ads; therefore, your ads have to be eye-catching. Classified Ads in ezines are cheap and sometimes free due to its limited scope and location, which is at the end of the ezine.
Sponsor Ads
These ads are placed at the top of the newsletter and sometimes in the middle. Some ezines have more than one sponsor ads. Sponsor ads are more expensive than Classified ads and can contain more words so your ad can be more descriptive. Sponsor ads are more effective than Classified Ads as their position in the newsletter is better.
Solo Ads
Solo ads are the most effective way out of the three types of ads for generating a response.
Solo ads fill up a whole email which only contains your advertisement. The newsletter is sent on your behalf to its subscribers. Thus your ad will have the biggest exposure. Solo ads are more expensive than Sponsor ads but more effective.
‘Great. Super. Fantastic. So what’s your advice Alan?’ My advice is advertising in Ezines do work. And they work very well. Some people don’t think so because after placing some ads and seeing very little or no response they think they have proven that Ezine advertising is a lie used by Ezines Publishers.
Well I can tell you now that they are getting poor responses because they have not followed the rules for advertising successfully in Ezines.
Rules in Advertising in Ezines Successfully
1. If you can, save money and advertise using Solo ads. They have the best chances of being read by the subscribers and they have no other ads distracting or competing against.
2. Work on your subject line. Even with Solo Ads, people will not open your email if the subject is of no interest to them. Subjects which promises massive fortunes in a few days will get deleted with second thoughts.
3. Work on your Content. After the subscribers open your email, your next task is to try and get them to read the content. So make damn sure your content is interesting and enticing enough for them to take some action. Believe the saying “Content is King”.
4. When you’re advertising other peoples’ products using affiliate programs do not send the visitors to the product’s website. I think people are crazy when they do this. The reason is that you are sending traffic to other peoples websites and if they won’t buy you’ve lost that lead for good.
Therefore the aim of you ad is to capture their email address so that you can advertise to them again and again. If they don’t buy product A then you can advertise Product B to them. Now don’t you think that makes more sense?
5. Advertise in well known Ezines and which are related to the topic you are advertising. Advertising stock recommendations to Golf enthusiasts will surely give you a terrible response rate.
6. For Classified ads, make sure you are advertising in large numbers such as 100,000. Not many people read Classified ads and you will be listed among other ads as well. However, you might get lucky if your headline is attractive enough.
To end this article I’m going to share a secret with you on what I think is the best and cheapest way to advertise in Ezines. That is to write your own articles and ask the Ezine Publishers if they are interested in sending out your articles in an issue of their newsletter.
Now let’s think about this for a moment. Your own article is published in ezines and placed on their websites. People who write articles are given more respect and are trusted more. Plus your articles will stay on some websites for years which also means that it will generate traffic for years. The traffic is generated with a resource box you can put at the bottom of your article. You can put your URL here and also write a little bit of background about yourself.
You are creating a name for yourself on the internet scene and you are also generating leads which you can email your recommendations to. There is no cost for you when Publishers decide to include your article so the only cost coming out of you is the time needed to write the article.
In my opinion, writing articles for ezines is the most effective way to advertise using ezines. Not to mention it’s cheap and will generate traffic even after many months.
If you want to know which ezines to advertise in, the cost, number of subscribers and what services are available that can help you in publish your articles, please send an email to my autoresponder at mailto:[email protected]

Igor Cornelsen Continues To Have A Strong Amount Of Faith In The Brazilian Investment Landscape

It is true that the economy of Brazil has seen a rough patch in recent years that has seen it go through a depression. There was in the neighborhood of an 8 percent decrease in the size of the economy between 2015 and 2017. Regardless of these recent woes, there is a highly respected Brazilian investment expert who has an optimistic outlook on making investments in Brazil. That individual is Igor Cornelsen. He has worked in the investment banking industry for decades and has an outstanding track record as a professional within the field. Igor Cornelsen believes that Brazil is a great place for investors despite the recent recession that the country has endured. He is someone that people will always tend to listen to due to his expertise. Igor Cornelsen managed to keep his head above water through the course of the recession by using sound strategies that he is happy to share.

The practice of passive income investment strategies is one of the main things that Igor Cornelsen consistently advocates for. Being able to generate passive income has some really desirable benefits that include the fact that it offers a regular flow of income that doesn’t require direct involvement in order to generate it. The fact that making passive income is also a great way to make money with a minimum of resources utilized is another reason that Igor Cornelsen advocates for the practice. Resources have to be invested at the beginning of a passive income investing plan but after it is up and running, it is not necessary to put any more resources into the investment.

The career of investment professional Igor Cornelsen has been an impressive and varied one. He was a major figure at Multibanco during the decade of the 1970s and rose to the position of CEO by 1976. In 1995, Igor founded an organization known as Bainbridge Investment INc which is operated out of the Bahamas. Throughout his career, he has utilized a system of sound investment strategies to consistently come out on top in his field.


Rebel Wilson: She Went For It

When it comes to success or failure in Hollywood, it often boils down to people just going for it, knowing the risks and knowing what is at stake. That is what separates the people who make it from the people that don’t make it.

A lot of times, actors and actresses can overthink things and they stop themselves before they even get started. With Rebel Wilson, the comedic star everyone loves, she knew she just had to go for it in her career. For her, going for it was moving from Australia to the United States at age 30.

It starts with having confidence, though. As the old adage goes, “If you don’t believe in yourself, how is anyone else supposed to believe in you?” She believed in herself and because she believed in herself, she knew she was going to make it, no matter how hard it looked on paper or what the odds said. Odds don’t take into account things like heart, talent, and sheer determination. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Isn’t Romantic Review

They also don’t take into account the fact Rebel Wilson found an agent within two days of being in Hollywood. It was because they liked what they saw, and they knew she was not just another Hollywood actress that looked like everyone else and acted like everyone else.

Everything in her life had prepared her for this moment. It started the moment her mom dropped her off as a young child at a community acting class and told her, “I’ll pick you up in two hours.” It started when her high school drama teacher told her to sign up for an Australian creative competition called Tournament of Minds.

It started when she went to an all-girls Christian High School. All of those moments helped shape her and prepare her for this big moment in Hollywood. She was ready to take off and take her career to the next level.

Since then, Rebel Wilson has been in Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect 1-3, How To Be Single, Pain and Gain, and her first leading role in the film, Isn’t It Romantic. She’s also producing movies these days.

She produced the aforementioned Isn’t It Romantic and she’s also co-producing the upcoming film The Hustle, which stars her and Anne Hathaway. It is a remake of the popular film, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. It is sure to be a major hit when it is released on May 10th.

As they say, “She knows how to pick them.” Rebel Wilson knows how to pick just the right roles that are going to attract an audience and also receive critical acclaim as well. It is because she keeps track of what people like and what they are interested in when they go to the movies.

Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Ara Chackerian On Healthcare Investment

Ara Chackerian is a well-known entrepreneur and provides monies to companies that he believes strongly in. Chackerian also thinks that these companies that he has invested in can have success. Indeed, Chackerian is an angel investor and part founder of the teak-related company, Limonapa, SA. Ara Chackerian wanted to be a part of Limonapa Teak for many reasons, but the biggest reason is his mission to help leave the earth in a better condition than how he discovered it.

Limonapa, SA has been noted to have affected Spanish speaking local groups and communities in South America in a positive way. Chackerian provided jobs and benefits to those who have been directly involved in many business projects that he has personally set up. And by using his entrepreneurial knowledge and experience, Chackerian was able to provide critical benefits to the locals who were involved in Limonapa’s project there.

And the state of the earth is vital to Ara for many reasons. For one, environmentalists like Ara Chackerian work to reduce human’s carbon footprints; this is especially true in areas where Limonapa Teak work. The Limonapa farm illustrates how entrepreneurs who work in business sectors like timber can be ethical and support sustainability. Ara Chackerian is trying to make a big difference in this part of the world with his efforts.

Besides Limonapa, Chackerian has been involved in specific business milieux like healthcare. Ara Chackerian has worked for ASC Capital Holdings as their Managing Partner. ASC Capital Holdings invests money in healthcare firms that are considered in the early stages of existence.

Regarding the other companies that Chackerian have cofounded besides Limonapa, Chackerian also co-founded TMS Health Solutions. This company provides transcranial magnetic stimulation, which can be vital for people suffering from depression.

Moreover, Ara Chackerian has healthcare-related companies like PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics and many more.  Read more about Ara Chackerian:


Gulf Coast Western: Redefining Oil Exploration in Dallas

Oil remains one of the most critical factors in the USA economy. According to different financial journals, oil independence is an essential ingredient in achieving a stable economy in the future. Gulf Coast Western is one of the companies that are making oil independence a reality. With over four decades in existence, the company has one of the best structures in the oil business. According to Matthew Fleeger — one of the primary industry players and the president of the above company — the oil business is redefining the USA economy. He points out that the economy — prior to Gulf Coast Western and other oil companies — was not as stable as it is now.

As a progressive company, the oil company understands the importance of research and more importantly — exploration partners. Since Gulf Coast Western has been in business for some time now, the company uses a considerable amount of its profits in research (on better exploration methods) and new mining fields. It is through research that the company has identified potential partners in its exploration journey. Thanks to the Gulf Coast Western consistency, they now have partners and friends. The management points out that these partnerships have assisted them in making broader strides towards oil exploration and more importantly, by using modern technology.

According to Matthew Fleeger, the company is currently the best corporation in the world of oil exploration in Dallas. The story and the origin of the company affirm — a desire to rewrite the oil exploration story and more importantly make the USA oil independent. Currently Gulf Coast Western is on the right track. The success is primarily evident in the company’s consistency to its mandate. Fleeger also points out that apart from the company rewriting the exploration story; Gulf Coast Western is also one of the few companies in Dallas (and in the larger USA) that are investing resources in finding solutions to the energy problems.

Apart from being innovative in the world of oil exploration and oil business, Matthew Fleeger believes that the company’s success is a contribution of its approach to human resource. Gulf Coast Western has one of the best relations with its employees. Fleeger believes that this strong relationship with employees has enabled the company to make significant progress without sourcing expertise from outside the company.