Ara Chackerian On Healthcare Investment

Ara Chackerian is a well-known entrepreneur and provides monies to companies that he believes strongly in. Chackerian also thinks that these companies that he has invested in can have success. Indeed, Chackerian is an angel investor and part founder of the teak-related company, Limonapa, SA. Ara Chackerian wanted to be a part of Limonapa Teak for many reasons, but the biggest reason is his mission to help leave the earth in a better condition than how he discovered it.

Limonapa, SA has been noted to have affected Spanish speaking local groups and communities in South America in a positive way. Chackerian provided jobs and benefits to those who have been directly involved in many business projects that he has personally set up. And by using his entrepreneurial knowledge and experience, Chackerian was able to provide critical benefits to the locals who were involved in Limonapa’s project there.

And the state of the earth is vital to Ara for many reasons. For one, environmentalists like Ara Chackerian work to reduce human’s carbon footprints; this is especially true in areas where Limonapa Teak work. The Limonapa farm illustrates how entrepreneurs who work in business sectors like timber can be ethical and support sustainability. Ara Chackerian is trying to make a big difference in this part of the world with his efforts.

Besides Limonapa, Chackerian has been involved in specific business milieux like healthcare. Ara Chackerian has worked for ASC Capital Holdings as their Managing Partner. ASC Capital Holdings invests money in healthcare firms that are considered in the early stages of existence.

Regarding the other companies that Chackerian have cofounded besides Limonapa, Chackerian also co-founded TMS Health Solutions. This company provides transcranial magnetic stimulation, which can be vital for people suffering from depression.

Moreover, Ara Chackerian has healthcare-related companies like PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics and many more.  Read more about Ara Chackerian:


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