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Jose Hawilla and Why Entrepreneurs Need To Make More Mistakes



It is said that the modern environment we all have today has replaced ethics with legal language and the law today can easily be gamed with a good lawyer. This is something that the classics before didn’t tolerate. This is something that the classic form of professionalism had never encouraged. This is also what’s happening in the world of business. Indeed, there are many things that the modern life has changed, but there are also many elements in being a leader that doesn’t get accounted for lately, and that doesn’t get described. Let’s fix that in this article here.



The Elements of Becoming A Good Leader



If you’re pressed for time, here’s a shortcut list to know what makes a good leader: place, skills, and perseverance. There. Simple, right? You don’t need to be a Harvard Graduate to learn about how to be a business leader. What you need is to get some money to invest and spread it around all over, learn from an apprentice, start small and then make many mistakes that you can quickly recover from. Check out




It is also said in the article from the Balance that only a particular type of personality or personalities can be fit for an entrepreneur job. If you don’t have the skillset and just the plain old attitude of a businessman, then chances are your small business won’t even find a direction.



The location of where you’re starting a business is also necessary. You can’t just say that you’re successful because of all your skills. A lot of that has to do with where you’re starting your business. Today, the number one place for entrepreneurs in the United States, the country with the most outstanding ideas. It’s the country with the most number of entrepreneurial risks and investments. One of the leaders today who show such entrepreneurial skills today is Jose Hawilla.



About Jose Hawilla



Being a journalist and an entrepreneur has been such a successful mix for Hawill. He’s the man who’s able to beat the competition in the sports marketing business in Brazil. Jose Hawilla owns Traffic, a sports marketing agency in Brazil that helps a lot of athletes and companies improve their exposure.




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Lori Senecal – A Beacon in the Global World of Brand Marketing

Last month, Lori Senecal moved into her second full year as the Global Chief Executive Officer for Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, LLC. She continues assembling a stellar reputation as one of the most innovative minds in the brand marketing world. See,

Senecal’s intensity and motivation is certainly one of the key components in CPB chairman Charles Porter’s induction into the AAF Hall of Fame. Senecal herself earned the Quantum Leap honor at the same American Women in New York AWNY Game Changing Awards. Her thirst for knowledge and ability to motivate people has produced numerous honors during her career.

No one in the brand marketing circles thought Senecal’s hire as Global CEO for Crispin, Porter & Bogusky anything remotely coincidental. Her appointment came but a few months after CP + B was awarded a $450 million global account with Infinity. Senecal has a proven history of innovation using pioneering concepts to promote uniquely successful brand marketing platforms.

Much of her success has also involved taking US based operations and expanding them into the international marketplace. As former president of McCann Erickson in New York, Senecal handled the worldwide accounts of many global corporations. She is renowned for taking conventional marketing techniques, and perfecting them to meet special situations. The bottom line throughout her career has been that her solutions work.

Senecal has developed a broad multinational account expertise consistently displaying a thorough knowledge of data analytics. According to Forbes Magazine, she has held prestigious positions as the Worldwide Account Director for Coca-Cola, plus other international corporations like Sprint, Xbox and Nabisco. Her resume of accomplishments is truly remarkable.

She appreciates the need for tenacity, but also uses her unique talents to foster creative ideas in those who work for her. She utilizes the concept that in the marketing world, applying too much heat to a situation can burn up the prospects of success. However, a slow summer heat, used with consistency, can create a pliable marketing plan that meets any objective.

As her career expands, Lori Senecal will be a model for the future of women in the business world. She has used vigilance and hard work to establish herself as one of the most gifted and innovative minds in the industry. Her guiding principles of fairness and innovation are shaping the vision of her clients. The future is bright for Ms. Lori Senecal, a beacon for the future all women in the global world of brand marketing. Follow Lori Senecal on Twitter.