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Changing the Face of Austin- Mike Heilegestein

It has been a custom that most of the discussion held in Austin City only focuses on the issues concerning the city itself. But it took a different turn when the Williamson County Growth Summit had an opportunity to hold a discussion to discuss matters regarding transportation challenges in the city especially the ones affecting people living in the suburbs.

Mike Heilegeistein was among the panel in the debate. Mike is the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director. Others included in the discussion included Joseph Kopser, the founder of RideScout LLC, Leandre Johns, and Jared Ficklin who is a transportation designer.

The event mainly discussed the effects of technology on the Austin region as well as the world. The discussion on transportation was held at Sheraton George Town Texas Hotel & Conference Center. In the debate, Mike mentioned that although technology such as driverless vehicles and ridesharing apps are changing the organization, Austin needed to expand its infrastructure sector by building modernized roads.

Mike told the panel that the building of more modernized roads is then only way Austin will be able to serve its expanding population in the future. The individuals on the board also responded to some of the questions asked, and Ficklin was answering a question raised by one of the members of the council Alan McGraw when he said that more emphasis must be put on the use of land –use codes.

Mike Heilegeistein is a notable personality when it comes to the transport and infrastructure industry. MR. Mike is also very influential in Texas; he is the Executive Director of Central Regional Mobility Authority in Austin.

In 2002 the Regional Mobility Authority was established as an independent government body to primarily deal with the infrastructure design in Texas. The organization began its operation in 2003 when Mike was elected to Chair the company.

Mike Heilegestein has vast experience in the transport sector. He has served the people of Texas for more than 23 years serving as their representative at the Williamson County. Mike’s primary responsibility has been ensuring the expansion of transport infrastructure, water waste, and water.

He is one of the leaders who has been representing his people well in the government and the County. Mike has also held various positions while still serving at the Williamson County including the regional MPO, Austin –San-Antonio Corridor Council and Clean Air Force of Texas as the Chairman. Mr. Heilegestein is also a public speaker who on many occasions is invited to speak on infrastructure and transportation issues.

Mike holds a Master’s Degree in Government and Business Administration from the University of Texas.

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