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Philanthropist George Soros Wants To Help Rebuild the Democratic Party

When Hillary Clinton lost the election, several major Democratic donors felt a pain in their deep pockets. Clinton supporters like George Soros came away from the election stunned, and they immediately started to regroup. Soros and his Democratic Donor Alliance set up a January 2017 meeting in Washington to discuss the future of the Democratic Party. The wealthy group of donors, politicians and high-profile supporters want to keep Donald Trump in check over the next four years. Soros is one of the people that is willing to invest in a new Democratic Party. A Democratic Party that is more in sync with the people and less motivated by political action groups. Soros plays a role in several political action groups by financially supporting them, but his goal is to make Trump do the right thing for the people of the United States. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

There are people who say Soros is not healthy for the country. But when people do a little research, they see the work Soros has accomplished in promoting human rights and freedom through his Open Society Foundation is not short of outstanding. Mr. Soros supports more than 70 organizations around the world, and all of those organizations help stop government oppression. Soros has a philanthropic history that no one can ignore once they become aware of it. Anyone who thinks Soros is trying to manipulate governments for his own gain is mistaken. Soros is one of the wealthiest people in the world. According to Forbes, his personal worth is $25 billion. And the Soros Management Fund has $32 billion in assets under management. Know more on about George Soros

Soros is approaching his 87th year. His investment track record is legendary, but Soros is more than “the man who broke the Bank of England.” Soros earned that title when he bet the British government would depreciate the pound against the U.S. dollar and the euro in 1992. That financial move is just one move in a history of winning bets in his hedge fund career.

George Soros is an example of what can be done when the power of believing in the self is activated. After escaping Nazi domination when he was a teenager, George enrolled in the London School of Economics. He earned a degree in philosophy, and he went to work for an investment firm in Monte Carlo. But when he was offered a position on Wall Street, he accepted and moved to New York in the 1950s. In 1969, he started his own hedge fund with $12 million, and that fund was renamed the Quantum Fund.

But the Soros goal now is all about keeping Donald Trump in line over the next four years. Soros knows Trump, and he invested in Trump’s Chicago property. But in terms of political ideology the men are worlds apart.

End Citizens United: Radically Fighting for Change

The American Election landscape changed drastically after the Supreme Court ruling of 2010. According to End Citizens United, the decision affected the democratic right of the American people which was a huge problem.

End Citizens United was formed in 2015 to fight for reforms done.

The problem

In 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States made a ruling to overturn the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 clause 203. The Clause indicated that the Corporations and the For-Profit organizations were not allowed to contribute or spend money that was not subjected to the Federal limits. This meant that soft money in the election was banned.

According to the judges of the Supreme Court, clause 203 of the Act was working against the Constitution of the United States. The Freedom of the Speech Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibited the government from restricting independent political expenditure by the Corporations.

The overturning of the Act was done according to the Constitution. However, by changing the rules, the billionaires now had the chance to spend an unlimited amount of money towards the election. The fear of the PAC is that billionaires like the Koch brothers would have the opportunity of buy off the elections.

The solution

End Citizens United mandate is to present a petition that will force the Congress to amend the Constitution and overturn the Supreme Court ruling. Their plan is to raise $25 million towards their agenda. They also hope to collect signatures from the American people.

End Citizens United plan would be carried out in three phases: the first was to support the Democrats and other candidates who identified with their agenda. End Citizen United endorsed 11 Democratic candidates.

The second phase involved recruiting the activists from the Grassroots. This is because they have a lot of followers. The third step was to raise the money issue as a national priority.

The reception

End Citizen United was incorporated in March 2015, and by August the same year, they had raised $2 million. They also had collected over 300,000 signatures.


Even though their plan is noble, the PAC has received a lot of criticism from most of the public officials. According to them, the dream of having the Constitution amended is far-fetched. This is because there has not been any amendment done since 1992. It would, therefore, be a challenge for the Congress to change.

Secondly, Supreme Court is an independent body and can’t be interfered with. Plus, the ruling was done in reference to the Constitution of the United States.

They have been, however, commended for educating people on the Supreme Court ruling and its impact on the American people.

George Soros’ new strategy for criminal justice reform

George Soros has embarked on a new adventure in criminal justice reform. The storied trader is attacking the issues that have plagued the U.S. justice system since the end of Jim Crow with the same fervor with which he has made trades in the markets. This new strategy represents a radically new direction in criminal justice activism. George Soros’ opponents would be wise to take note.

Replacing the criminal justice system’s engine

George Soros has retooled his domestic activism strategies. George Soros now seems to be focusing less on the big-prize races like those of the presidency, where there is so much attention that even massive donations can prove ineffective, and focusing more on smaller races, where even smaller amounts can have decisive impacts.

The one area of the criminal justice system where Soros has judiciously decided to concentrate his efforts is on local prosecutorial races. He has very good reasons for this.

That’s because they literally decide who will go to jail and who will go free. In theory, no single person is supposed to wield such immense power in a democratic republic on But, due to the exigencies of a rising crime rate and out-of-control urban violent crime, the system has become overburdened in the United States and has developed a number of relief valves to prevent the entire thing from imploding under an unmanageable case load.

The plea bargain, ripe for abuse

One idiosyncrasy of the U.S. justice system on Forbes is the plea bargain. People from Europe and other developed areas of the world often view the plea bargain with horror, as some form of atavistic barbarism that is little better than trial by fire. But the unavoidable fact is that without it, the entire U.S. justice system would very quickly stop functioning.

Over 95% of cases are dispensed with pleas, not trials. This gives prosecutors enormous power because they can decide to plea anyone down to any lesser crime at any moment. While a prosecutor is not likely to let an obviously guilty murderer plead down to a seat belt violation, this form of case dispensation does often lead to gigantic disparities between jurisdictions and between races of defendants on things like low-level drug crimes and non-violent misdemeanors.

Another reason that the prosecutor has such incredible power is that they get to decide exactly how much resources they will spend on any trial. The horrifying reality is that in the United States, if a reputable prosecutor really doesn’t like you, they can probably send you to prison. Terrifying as it is, this is a tool which is often used to send criminals to prison where the police know they don’t have a case on the main crime.  This is effective in inducing plea bargains to lesser crimes. Everyone wins, the defendant does a minimal jail or prison sentence but isn’t convicted on the big crimes, the police solve the case, and the prosecutor racks up another successful plea deal.