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Heiligenstein Speaks on Texas Travel Needs

Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority finds solutions to the congestion needs of the metropolitan area. Mike Heiligenstein, Executive Director of the CTRMA, spoke at a recent transportation forum about the growing congestion problem and the infrastructure needs in Texas.


Toll roads and other issues were discussed as solutions to the congestion and poorly used highways. Heiligenstein talked about the low numbers for State Highway 130. The route from San Antonio to Austin is long and windy and narrow in spots. He speaks about the solution and how it may not be to add lanes to the highway. Toll roads are not the only solution, but they do help to finance the projects. Instead of using tax dollars, user revenue from toll roads has financed many projects. Tags that help to toll cars and trucks differently would help. Trucks and farm equipment cause wear and tear on roads quickly.


Congestion and road repair are two main concerns facing Texas traffic. These issues will not be solved with only one solution. Different modes of problem solving have to be utilized in order to achieve the goals of less congested road ways and better conditions of county roads. The CTRMA is a private, local organization that works to help improve these conditions through a variety of solutions.


The goal of the CTRMA is to improve the road and travel conditions in Williamson and Travis Counties. They are an independent government agency created in 2002 with the expressed purpose of creating better conditions in and around the greater Texas area. The organization is overseen by a seven member board of directors with Mike Heiligenstein as the Executive Director. Staffing needs are addressed based on the individual project needs. They are operating under Texas Transportation Code Chapter 370 and are allowed to make decisions based on needs. They develop individual and unique needs based on


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