Drew Madden Emphasizes the Adoption of Information Technology in the Healthcare System

It is high time we consider our health care system and the essential aspect that it is impacting our daily lives. Currently, it appears we have neglected our duties in airing our opinions about what we think should be done, or what we should do in addressing the healthcare sector in our country. Currently, it appears as if profit-making organizations are highly concerned about how they would join the vibrant market and acquire massive amounts regarding return on investment. CVS and Amazon are competing for this industry because it proves vital to them and they are likely to accrue massive profits due to a large number of people purchasing other the counter drugs.

However, we should ask ourselves why the healthcare industry should take a significant proportion of our money than other vital aspects such as investment in assets or skills. Many individuals in the country are spending much money to seek for proper medical care than they are spending on investment plans such as buying speculative assets or adding skills which will add money in their pockets.

Drew Madden and information technology expert currently working at Evergreen Healthcare partners highlights that we have neglected technology and innovative strategies in our system. According to Drew Madden, we should invest in the various innovative approach that will ensure that we offer our people the best quality services through treatment. Using information technology, treatment methods should be enhanced such that we can easily understand what is ailing you and the best solution available. This is what Evergreen Healthcare Partners are trying to do by developing innovative technologies that will change the healthcare industry.

Another opinion highlighted by Drew Madden is that we should fancy competition between different organizations in the healthcare industry. When different firms are competing for customers in the same industry, they tend to offer quality services and in a professional attitude which at the end of the benefits the sick and other people in need of medical services. Drew highlights that we should accept the emerging competition between Amazon and CVS because it will only work to enhance our industry. The two companies might adopt information technology in an attempt to attract more customers.

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