Gino Pozzo And The Watford Football Club

Gino Pozzo is a great lover of football since his youthful is due to this love for football that he decided to a great football club. He is not the only one who is passionate about soccer but his entire family. In fact, his father sold and acquired profit from the woodwork to buy a leading football club, Udinese back in 1986. He, therefore, grew up loving soccer as it became part of his genes. To the mother’s side, he was related to the president of Udinese club.

Gino Pozzo wet to study masters in the Harvard University in the states. He later met the love of his heart at the university and therefore, the two got married and moved to Spain where they lived for 20 years, and they raised three children. They later went to London where he decided to get involved deeply in the management of the football club.

Watford club

Gino Pozzo bought Watford football club, it was divested and was struggling to raise the fourth division ladder. The club had failed severally since its last winning in the1980s. Management of this club was the primary reason that Gino Pozzo moved his family to Landon. While in London, Gino Pozzo focused on the long term returns of this club, and that was top on his agenda. He invested in the club both financially and time, and now the club is thriving in the English premier league. Ginno’s family is the first one to own different clubs in three countries at the same time. He has earned an excellent reputation.

When Watford club had risen to its current position, Gino Pozzo sold it so that he could on Udinese a family club. He aims at raising this club to the international level as he did for the Watford.

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