Gulf Coast Western: Redefining Oil Exploration in Dallas

Oil remains one of the most critical factors in the USA economy. According to different financial journals, oil independence is an essential ingredient in achieving a stable economy in the future. Gulf Coast Western is one of the companies that are making oil independence a reality. With over four decades in existence, the company has one of the best structures in the oil business. According to Matthew Fleeger — one of the primary industry players and the president of the above company — the oil business is redefining the USA economy. He points out that the economy — prior to Gulf Coast Western and other oil companies — was not as stable as it is now.

As a progressive company, the oil company understands the importance of research and more importantly — exploration partners. Since Gulf Coast Western has been in business for some time now, the company uses a considerable amount of its profits in research (on better exploration methods) and new mining fields. It is through research that the company has identified potential partners in its exploration journey. Thanks to the Gulf Coast Western consistency, they now have partners and friends. The management points out that these partnerships have assisted them in making broader strides towards oil exploration and more importantly, by using modern technology.

According to Matthew Fleeger, the company is currently the best corporation in the world of oil exploration in Dallas. The story and the origin of the company affirm — a desire to rewrite the oil exploration story and more importantly make the USA oil independent. Currently Gulf Coast Western is on the right track. The success is primarily evident in the company’s consistency to its mandate. Fleeger also points out that apart from the company rewriting the exploration story; Gulf Coast Western is also one of the few companies in Dallas (and in the larger USA) that are investing resources in finding solutions to the energy problems.

Apart from being innovative in the world of oil exploration and oil business, Matthew Fleeger believes that the company’s success is a contribution of its approach to human resource. Gulf Coast Western has one of the best relations with its employees. Fleeger believes that this strong relationship with employees has enabled the company to make significant progress without sourcing expertise from outside the company.


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