Harry Harrison Interview

Perpetually intrigued by the business realm, Harry Harrison has long been involved in the dynamics of entrepreneurship. Barclays Non-Core, a banking institution headquartered in London, was governed by Harrison for three years. Following his departure in 2017, Harrison transitioned into a stay-at-home father who uses his three decades of industry experience to consult individuals on private equity, financial technology, and venture capital. Harrison ascribes his vast expertise to the education he acquired during his emerging adulthood.

During his studies at Cambridge University, Harrison pored over the ins and outs of economics. The ever-shifting nature of the market is what particularly piqued Harrison’s interests. Harrison states that it was “hard to imagine a career in anything but financial services” once he displayed his business acumen and aptitude for accounting. Following his graduation, Harrison took numerous jobs in his field. A few positions he held were derivatives trader, fixed income specialist, and team manager. He parlayed his diverse experience and morphed into a self-made entrepreneur. Barclays Non-Core was the result.

According to Harrison, the idea for the company came from his deep-seated curiosity about how companies evolved from conceptualization to execution. More specifically, Harrison paid close attention to the “macroeconomic forces” that kept companies well-oiled. His thorough analyses bred enlightened observations. Before retiring his hat as an industry leader, Harrison was responsible for quietly “winding down” businesses that the bank no longer wished to fund. These days, you’ll find Harrison doting on his children and wildly successful wife, Amy Nauiokas.

Find out more about Harry Harrison: https://about.me/harryharrison

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