Healthy Living being sued by NutriMost

NutriMost, a weight loss company, discovered Healthy Living using their promotional video and plans to litigate. According to the Manhattan Federal Court, Healthy Living’s website copied Nutrimost‘s video and just added their own references. The URL for Healthy Living’s website is
Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video
The “pirated” video not only stole product claims, but they didn’t even bother to seek unique testimonials. They used the same ones from Nutrimost’s website video. As a result, a lawsuit was filed Thursday by Nutrimost. Both systems claim an individual “could easily lose 20 to 45 pounds or more in just 40 days with absolutely no hunger or exercise required.”

Both systems claim to be safe and recommend doctor supervision. Even after receiving a cease-and-desist letter in September, Healthy Living still continued to run the video. The only difference was the video had been shortened. Since then, the video has been removed from the Healthy Living website.

NutriMost still seeks $300,000 for Healthy Living’s unethical marketing practices. NutriMost also feels their “goodwill and reputation” are at stake.

They’re not into cutting corners to “pacify” their patients. Nutrimost has a team of experts that understand the diverse effects that drugs have on individuals trying to achieve weight loss goals.

As I mentioned earlier, NutriMost’s diet plan is harmless, quick, and very efficient. It also gives individuals a thorough education about their bodies; and weight loss goals. NutriMost’s Technology coupled with NutriMost’s Ultimate Fat Loss scan provides assessments about the vitamins you take, your neurotransmitters, toxins, heavy metals, mycoplasma, biotoxins, hormones, and parasites bacteria.

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Daniel Marino says:

I see Nutrimost as being one of the leaders in the weight loss industry. They have a strong desire and commitment to seeing their patients live healthily. All in all, the NutriMost diet can give your body everything it needs to burn the most amount of fat safely. I am having a hard time making superior papers us to understand why things needed to go that way.

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