Highland Capital Management’s efforts towards Community Empowerment

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm based in Dallas. The firm is a principal investment service provider operating under the visionary leadership of James Dondero, its co-founder, and president.

James Dondero Career Background
Dondero is a certified management accountant and an established financial analyst with close to 30 years of experience working in the financial and investment industry. His company has been providing credit-oriented solutions to various agencies and organization since 1993. Due to the quality of their services, Highland Capital Management has been honored for providing outstanding financial services like hedge fund management, mutual funds, and ETFs.

James Dondero also holds top executive positions in other companies such as American Banknote Corporation, MGM Studios, NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. His financial expertise is supported by a firm educational background having specialized in Accounting and Finance from University of Virginia.

Dondero’s philanthropic efforts
James Dondero is an active philanthropist who is interested in giving back to various societies by donating to charity organizations.

The Dallas Foundation was chosen because the company had an expert team that was well experienced in humanitarian and donor services around North Texas. Due to the quality of their services, The Dallas Community had made an excellent track record in the nonprofit community.

Highland Dallas Foundation
James Dondero and Mary Jalonick later formed Highland Dallas Foundation, a charity foundation that supports different community programs. Apart from forming the charity foundation, James also supports different education and healthcare initiatives working around the Dallas Community. Through the partnership between Highland Dallas Foundation and The Dallas Foundation, James has extended his financial support to various organizations like Dallas Zoo and The Perot Museum.

The Dallas Foundation appointed Linda Owen, a former executive of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, who is tipped to link Highland Dallas Foundation with nonprofit organizations working in North Texas Community. This move is evidence of Dondero’s dedication towards improving the living standards of the less privileged in various communities through charity.

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