InnovaCare Offers a Real Solution for Its Members Who Worry about Healthcare

What is the main concern now that the government has taken over the healthcare system? Cost and quality of care are the most mentioned concerns by most responses and news stories that cover the perhaps over sensationalized issues behind the takeover of once private healthcare providers and insurance plans on The people who would had the microphone presented a dire scene of unfairness and devastating problems where few actually existed and so with a push and a big shove the entire nation was suddenly being spoon fed by the most inefficient organization of all, the federal government. This is a dire concern for the elderly and the mainstream of people who wonder how they would afford their healthcare and if they would still get what they needed at the time they needed it.

Fortunately, great leaders are born out of the ashes of the fires of rhetoric and discourse. Richard Shinto, M.D., MBA and President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, and Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer, two great minds in managed and governmental bureaucratic healthcare systems have joined forces to model and manage the best healthcare system to rise up out of the smoke. In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare is providing several alternatives for patients. There is the most popular of the Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico called, MMM Healthcare, Inc. (MMM) and there is PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. (PMC).

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How are the people of Puerto Rico doing with MMM and PMC? InnovaCare Health are responding by signing up at such a rapid rate due to the great reports of how emotionally and physically satisfied the patients are with the service for the value that they are provided in their plans. Each of these programs have added more value to their plans so that all polling data of patient satisfaction reaches past the 90th percentile. This is how the managers such as Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides know that they are providing the best models that are resulting in the most satisfactory outcomes for their patient network. Read more: Aveta Inc. President & CEO Rick Shinto, M.D. Receives Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award

It is obvious that InnovaCare’s mission is a serious one and that these healthcare professionals on have the main goal in their sites and that is to provide the highest, most medically advanced, and viable healthcare to all their patients at a cost saving, value added level.

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