John Goullet And Diversant Continue To Propel American IT Sector

America has always remained at the forefront of technology. For many, the success of American firms is mainly due to their ability to attract highly qualified individuals in the information technology sector. It seems true considering that the U.S. Information technology sector continues to thrive despite increasing competition from developing countries. Perhaps, the success of the IT sector can also be attributed to the many IT staffing companies in America, which consistently provide talented individuals to foster growth.

The New Jersey based Diversant, IT staffing company, is another great example of the dedication of these staffing firms. As the largest African-American owned IT staffing firm in the nation, Diversant always believed in the power of diversity to fuel the American dream. As a certified minority owned business, it ensures that skilled IT staff from various backgrounds are matched with job openings in mid to high level IT companies.

By focusing on diversity, Diversant also ensures that newly arrived skillful individuals from other countries are able to fulfill some of the rare job vacancies requiring intricate IT skills. However, Diversant acknowledges the need to empower Americans to take on jobs that they deserve. For instance, among its many innovative programs, the company helps U.S. veterans learn the needed IT skills in accredited facility and the opportunity to work onsite for some of our Fortune 500 clients.

Fortunately, the leadership team of Diversant is fully capable of understanding the future dynamics of IT sector in the United States. It is one of the reasons why Gene C. Waddy, the CEO of Diversant, merged his company with John Goullet’s Info Technologies, in 2010. As the founder of Info Technologies, Goullet also shared the same vision. In fact, his leadership skills were displayed in the phenomenal growth of Info Technologies to achieve the coveted top 10 spots as one of America’s fastest growing firms. In the future, both John Goullet and the leadership of Diversant has plans for initiating additional programs for highly skilled IT professionals.

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Daniel Marino says:

Initiatives such as the STAR program has made Diversant among the most loved companies by its clients. As the name suggests, Diversant focuses on diversity in the U.S. workplace by offering IT staff from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds. It is terrible good that do have something in common that most people have been looking towards and it helps a lot in this matter.

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